Dear Organizers and Participants,

Please let us hereby express our support and appreciation for the aims of the bicycle march Ride2Freedom, towards the determination and endeavours of its organizers.

It is of utmost importance that freedom of thought and religion shall not fall victim to oppressive regimes. Your important initiative underscores the fact that while China has become one of the heavyweight participants of global capitalism in recent decades, the country’s record of civil liberties has barely improved since 1999, the crackdown on the Falun Gong community.

We sincerely hope that the Communist Party also recognizes: the religious ethnic and other autonomous communities do not weaken, much rather strengthen society and state. China is a country that aims for a leading role in world politics, and is rightfully proud of most of its several thousand year long history and traditions. We hope, the leadership of China realizes that in tolerance lies opportunity, that the self-organizing citizens and communities make society more resilient and hold the potential for development amidst the challenges of the 21st century.

It is evident, that the participants of the 5000 kilometre Ride2Freedom provide an effective reminder of the above for the Chinese leadership and to the entire world. For this, please let us once more express our sincere respect and support.

With best regards,

Bernadett Szél

co-president of LMP (Politics Can Be Different)