I am József Zelei, World Peace Bicycle Ambassador of Hungary.

Gandhi was walking, Forest Gump was running in the movie, I’ve been biking for 12 years around the world for peace.

I’ve traveled more than 50,000 kms, to 70 countries and 4 continents to raise awareness for the need to live next to each other peacefully.

I was very happy to hear about the initiative of Ride 2 Freedom, and immediately told them about my support.

It is simply unbelievable, that the followers of Falun Gong, a Buddhist spiritual belief and meditation practice, just because they practice their belief, are jailed, persecuted and sometimes killed.

I would like to commend the thirty youths, the team of Ride 2 Freedom for successfully completing the 3,000 miles of biking in the United States, and for openly taking efforts for their own mission, freedom of belief.

I’m especially happy for having Hungarian participants in this achievement.

It is great honor for me that you put your trust in me and that I can help this great initiative.

I would like to extend my greatest recognition and honest admiration to all those participating in this humanitarian production.

I wish you great success and perseverance, hoping we can meet as soon as possible.

Friendly regards,
József Zelei