Dear Ms. Tian,

Thank you for the kind invitation to attend today’s rally welcoming the “Ride 2 Freedom” riders to the City of O’Fallon.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to commend these 30 young bicyclists of “Ride 2 Freedom” who have embarked on a 3000 mile journey across our great nation to promote awareness of the spiritual and religious persecution affecting millions of Chinese citizens who practice Falun Gong. I commend each of these riders for their sincere and dedicated efforts, particularly on behalf of the Chinese children who are affected by this persecution. The riders are truly a voice for the voiceless.

While I am unable to attend, I am grateful to you for sharing with the “Ride 2 Freedom” riders my congratulations for the awareness they have raised ton this important issue so far on their journey, and my best wishes for their continued travels.


Ann Wagner

Member of Congress